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Brownies from Outsider Tart

It was a bank holiday this Monday and we went out for the day as it was so sunny and beautiful. We ended up at Tate Modern and afterwards treated ourselves to a brownie. Actually, we had two, but one was a blondie. They were both from Outsider Tart who had a stand at Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre.

It's all in the name

It’s all in the name

It was described as a Congo Cookie Dough and Chocolate Chip brownie, but I’d call it a blondie.  And it didn’t make it home because we halved it and ate it on the way. And, also to be fair, I’m not too keen on blondies (although I managed this one). It was a bit on the dry side.

Buying Brownies

But the dark chocolate brownie, called a 3 Chocolate Hepburn was very good indeed. Possibly named in reference to Audrey or Katharine or even the band. It was a whopping 8 x 8 x 3cm and it took two of us to eat it, but it was wonderful. Very chocolatey, gooey and not too sweet. It had quite a crunchy crust and big melty, milk chocolate chips in it which made it even richer and gave it a bit of texture.

Their online shop looks quirky and fun and as these are definitely worth the money (£2.75 each) and very yummy brownies we might have to try them again – or maybe go for the Guinness brownies, as they look interesting. Very Highly Recommended!

Outsider Brownie

Outsider Brownie


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