Deliverance Brownies

Deliverance is a food firm who deliver a variety of foods from different culinary styles. The food is quite average, but the variety means that if you can’t decide on Chinese, Thai or Indian food, then each person can have what they want. It’s also quite an expensive option for food, with a meal for 2 people coming in at £20 to £25, but they often do special offers which means that you can get a free pudding or 20% off the entire bill. Ordering is easy and quick online. I was quite excited when they opened a shop in our local area and when we ordered from them we got a free pud. Guess which one we chose!

The brownie arrives warm and with a little pot of single (pouring) cream and costs £4.80 each. At 11cm x 7cm x 2cm it is large and definitely for two people. Topped with hazelnuts, it sits seductively in chocolate sauce, so it is a real treat. The brownie it sweet and soft but not particularly chocolaty, with a lightish texture, not squidgy.

There was too much brownie to eat all at once so half was kept till the next day and what a revelation! While it came out of the fridge chilled, the chocolatey flavour had developed overnight. It had also firmed up and was solid and dense and melted in the mouth. Definitely keep till next day before eating (if you can resist).

Ratings: warm 5/10 cold 7/10

(sorry, too greedy to take photos! I promise to, when we order them again)


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