Oliver’s Bakery Brownies

After a summer of so-so brownies we were passing through Borough Market in London and came across these from Oliver’s Bakery.

Oliver's Bakery Brownie

Oliver’s Bakery Brownie

At 11cm X 7cm X 3cm they are large and when I asked for only one, the lady behind the counter sorted me out the largest one she could find, which was very kind. At £2.50 these are terrific value.

Oliver's Bakery Borough Market

Oliver’s Bakery Borough Market

And they are soft inside and gooey, so chocolatey and melt-in-the-mouth and so extremely delicious that I wish we had bought two. The chocolate drops on top are wonderful. Apparently, the Borough Market website gives some details about Olivier Favrel who is a pastry chef and baker with 24 years’ experience.

Everyone should rush out and buy some of Oliver’s brownies. Immediately!

Rating: 9/10

When searching online, I discovered that there is another Oliver’s Bakery in Crediton near Exeter. It is not that Oliver!


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